Lies – Arrogance and the “Obama Way”

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Remember when the U.S. Embassy was considered American soil – wherever it might be.  Remember when the American Embassy was viewed by the world as a place of refuge; a symbol of the greatest country on Earth – a place where the poorest, most helpless person on Earth could be kept safe from the harshest most powerful dictator, if he could just make his way through the gate? Remember when it meant something when someone burned the American flag?  Remember when killing a U.S. Ambassador would have been tantamount to issuing a death warrant on yourself?  Those fading memories  have all been put away quietly by this president, in some obscure corner of the White House, wrapped with apologies, lest anyone suspect us of flashing our power.  Today, under the Obama administration, we have an alternate reality that shifts and changes by the moment – an illusion of power where he orders surgical killings, but is constantly on the search for something that might warrant another apology.  While “Friendly” Afghans assassinated our troops, he responded vigorously…with an apology for the Koran burnings – Korans being used by prisoners to transmit intelligence.  While our Ambassador to Libya and three of his staff are brutally – sadistically murdered, he looks frantically for a third rate amateurish video that will allow him to step away from the fray and enjoy his comfort zone as an apologist.  Meantime, back at home, he crows as the undisputed campaigner-in-chief, showing us his view of the world – a world where we no longer have an American flag, but an Obama flag.  Unbelievable?  Here it is:

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Only a Campaign symbol?  Remember when every square inch of our flag was revered?  No longer good enough for the Obama campaign?   In their typical arrogance, they no doubt see the American flag as one more thing they can do better.  Indeed, they have a strange view of reality.

With more than 30 countries literally on fire and brewing troubles in others, U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice recently appeared on ABC’s This Week with Jake Tapper.[1]  Responding to a question from Mr. Tapper as to why America had grown less popular across the Middle East despite President Obama’s Muslim outreach, Ms. Rice did what this administration seems to do so consistently.  She argued that the dark moonlit sky above us does not really signify night – and in fact, dark glasses were required to avoid the harsh glare of the sun.  Translated – she spoke like an insane person, living in an alternate reality.   With the trademark arrogance made famous by the Obama administration, Ms. Rice had no doubt that her every word would be accepted and perhaps even cherished.  What did she say?  She responded defensively that we’re not less popular and even challenged Tapper’s basis for making such an observation.[2]

And little wonder say Obama’s admirers…imagine a seasoned journalist coming to such a conclusion solely on the basis of the murder of a U.S. Ambassador and three of his staff, attacks on our embassies, burnings of the American flag, mobs chanting “Obama, Obama,” we are all Osama, while carrying signs calling for the annihilation of  America and Israel…the recklessness of such an assumption is beyond the pale!!!

Don’t forget the movie.  Ambassador Rice reminded us again that the attacks leading to the murder of Ambassador Chris Stevens and his three staffers was the result of spontaneous riots, where participants just happened to be carrying Rocket Propelled Grenades and launchers…makes sense.  It was an obscure movie that provoked those murders and riots around the world.  The low budget film, released in July seemed to be dormant for two months, as if hidden in a closet.  Then on just a random date – say, September 11th, all Hell broke loose.  In the world of Ambassador Rice and President Obama, that probably makes perfect sense.  And, if so, that’s really frightening.


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