Happy Birthday America!!!

Sorry folks.  If there is anyone out there visiting this humble blog on the day before Independence Day, please accept my sincere apologies.  I am a Vietnam veteran, a retired police officer and first, last and always, an American.

I had planned today, to publish part 3 of 3 of “A House Divided.”  As much as I tried, I could not bring myself to talk about Obama and his divisiveness today.

Members of my family have served in every war since the war of 1812 and yes – we actually had two commissioned officers in the Confederacy.  We probably had someone on the other side of the family in the Union.  I believe all served with honor.  And no, we are not racists.

My dad, a great patriot and a WWII veteran, died on July 4th, 1990.   He will be missed always, but the date was fitting.  God bless him, all the active duty members and veterans of the greatest military in the history of man and all those who serve their fellow Americans in any capacity.

Happy 4th!!!


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