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203 Reasons

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 The Author 

Author John Wilson served as a Navy Journalist in Vietnam and for 32 years as a law enforcement officer, retiring as Director, National HIDTA Assistance Center.  During his career, Wilson taught, consulted, or guest lectured for the Dept. of Justice in Central America and the Caribbean and served as Commander of the Metro-Dade Police Department’s Basic Training Section.  Earlier in his career, as a patrol officer and Sergeant, he spent several years working in the inner city and served during two major civil disturbances.

Since his retirement in 2002, Wilson has written two conservative books concerning the Obama Administration. The first – now available as a Kindle book on Amazon ($4.99) – is “203 Reasons Not to Vote for Barack Obama.”  The paperback edition($11.99) will be available in early July, 2012.  The second book, to be published later this year, is “From Barry to Barack: A President Revealed.”  If you would like to be notified when 203 Reasons… is published in paperback, or when From Barry to Barack: A President Revealed, is published, you may “Follow” us by clicking on “Follow blog via email,” located on the menu to the right, immediately below the Facebook media gallery.  Followers will receive all our posts – usually one each day.  You may email us at 203Reasons@att.net, with the word “SUBSCRIBE” as the subject.  You will be contacted only with updates.

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Isn’t this book really just a list of “Cheap Shots” from the Author?

Absolutely not!  This is a serious and very well documented work, using the words and works of Obama, his political associates and those who know him best,  to construct a true picture of the real Barack Obama.  As you can see later on this page, the book’s Introduction alone, is supported by 78 endnotes.  If you’re undecided about the 2012 presidential election, or if you’ve already committed to Obama, this is a book you must read.  If you’re a conservative, this book will give you a broader understanding of Obama and solid information to discuss with others.

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Can you Give Me a Brief Synopsis of the Book?

Barack Obama called America “mean-spirited” – himself a “blank screen” – and we made him the 44th President of the United States!

203 Reasons Not to Vote for Obama is a fact filled work that should be considered by people of all political stripes.  It’s pages are populated not by the author’s opinion – though it is expressed – but by the words and works of Obama, his friends and associates.

It is Wilson’s belief that the Presidency should be Party neutral and representative of all Americans. This President – based on his own words and actions – has been the polar opposite.  Through his personal arrogance, he has ridiculed and ignored religious beliefs, attacked entrepreneurs; denigrated dissenters; divided us as never before and left us poorer and weaker in the process.  Still, Obama announces with a straight face, that he “deserves” a second term.

In this quick and interesting read, Wilson snaps into place 203 puzzle pieces revealing the true face of political power in the wrong hands and showing the real content of Obama’s so-called “Blank Screen.” But, it is Obama and his friends who will show you why we must say “No” to “fundamentally transforming” the greatest nation on Earth.

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What Others are Saying:

“If you want to taste the bitter fruits that is the legacy of Barack Obama, you can read loads of factual information in “203 Reasons Not to Elect Barack Obama.” Highly recommended!” – Hugo D. Ley, Amazon.com

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“I would like to recommend a new book I downloaded today: “203 Reasons Not to Vote For Barack Obama,” by John Wilson. Every voter should read this book, it is awesome, a lot of information and well-written. Thanks!” – Patricia, Renew America

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“Reading evoked various emotions. The book deepened my great concern for our country and it’s people. Each time, I closed the cover, I felt sad, angry… frightened. Also, I am always hopeful as I will exercise my right to vote come every election especially this November.” Pseudonym Samuel Clemens, Amazon.com

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“This collection, however, highlights in the President’s own words his thoughts and ideals on America and its future. These are not speaking points or essays. These are the statements made by the President while running or in office.” – Bonny, Amazon.com

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“I would like to recommend a book that every American should read:  “203 Reasons Not to Vote For Barack Obama”  Please, read this book! I downloaded it on my Kindle, $4.95, certainly affordable for most of us. There is still time to inform the people about the machinations of this administration. We MUST get rid of this Satan!” – Patricia, Patriot Post (unk if same as Reviewer #2)

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Read the Introduction Free

He called America mean-spirited; himself a blank screen, and we elected him 44th President of the United States!

Obama is a man that doesn’t like America very much – who, rationally evaluated, has made all the right moves toward political self destruction, but is unable to hit bottom – protected as he is, by the unwavering support of a smitten, liberal media.

John Podesta reportedly considered Obama as “…capable of being ruthless” and questioned whether he “felt anything, especially in his gut.”[1]  Newsweek’s Evan Thomas, once described him as “’slightly creepy’ and ‘deeply manipulative.’”[2] “Spengler” writes in Asia Times, “Obama’s women reveal his secret: he hates America.”[3]  David Mendell describes Obama’s “hidden side: His imperious, mercurial, self-righteous and sometimes prickly nature…” and calls him “…a man of raw ambition so powerful that even he is still coming to terms with its full force.”[4]  David Freddoso calls him “…a shrewd, machine-aligned politician from Chicago – the kind who won’t make no waves and won’t back no losers…” a man who “…plays hardball and knows when to look the other way.”[5]  Blackwell and Klukowski warn that “In President Obama’s America, dissent will not be tolerated.”[6]

Given the President’s level of public exposure, it is axiomatic that it should be impossible to conceal these traits, or his extreme partisanship, an easy disregard for the court system, his condescension and ridicule of ordinary citizens as well as political opponents; his Party’s disregard for the truth, his reckless spending; and his readiness to revert to community organizing practices – rubbing “raw the resentments of the people” and fanning their “latent hostilities.”[7] Miraculously – with the media’s help – with a fear of being labeled “racist,” many have remained unaware – even defensive – of Obama’s character. Rather than acknowledging and confronting the true Obama, they prefer to continue projecting “their own views” onto the “blank screen” that represents this charismatic, but duplicitous politician.

Before We Knew Him

In 1990, Harvard student Obama called America “Mean-Spirited,” hoping we could become more “generous” in the future.[8]  In 2008, his wife Michelle, echoed that position, saying “we’re a divided country, we’re a country that is ‘just downright mean,’ we are ‘guided by fear,’ we’re a nation of cynics, sloths, and complacents.”[9]

From telling us that he is followed by security in department stores,[10] to his claim that white restaurant patrons throw their car keys to him,[11] Obama’s two books are heavily laced with perceptions of racism and thinly disguised contempt for America.  He writes from the perspective of an educated, somewhat detached observer – but, seems always less than an arm’s length away from someone with a strong, negative racial message…so much so, that it is sometimes difficult to tell whether one of his friends is actually speaking, or if he is using the character to voice his own sentiments.  One case that illustrates this point is chronicled in Dreams From my Father, when Obama writes:

“I could swear that just beneath the sober expression Ray was winking at me, letting me in on the score.  Our rage at the white world needed no object, he seemed to be telling me, no independent confirmation; it could be switched on and off at our pleasure.  Sometimes, after one of his performances, I would question his judgment, if not his sincerity.  We weren’t living in the Jim Crow South, I would remind him…”[12]

Here, Obama attributes the cause of his racial epiphany to a friend he calls “Ray,” somewhat confusing the fact that it is he – not “Ray” – who decides that his “rage at the white world needed no object…it could be switched on and off at our pleasure.”  He then immediately switches the writing back to “Ray” and portrays himself as the adult in the room, reminding his friend they “weren’t living in the Jim Crow South.”

Both his books and his work as a Chicago Community Organizer have proven that Obama is good with words. As an Organizer, Obama quickly gained a reputation as an agitator. Mike Kruglik, an early Obama mentor in community organizing, called Obama “a natural – the undisputed master of agitation”[13] and this is what Saul Alinsky wrote about that skill:

“The organizer dedicated to changing the life of a particular community must first rub raw the resentments of the people of the community; fan the latent hostilities of many of the people to the point of overt expression….

“…When those prominent in the status quo turn and label you an ‘agitator’ they are completely correct, for that is, in one word, your function – to agitate to the point of conflict.”[14]

Obama has been relentless in blending the idea of “fairness” with the need and justification for hiking the taxes of all those making more than $250,000 annually. He has rhetorically and obsessively worked to drive a wedge between Conservatives and Liberals, Republicans and Democrats, the rich and poor of America; between Republicans and Latinos, Latinos and law enforcement, blacks and law enforcement, Republicans and blacks, Catholics and women, whites and blacks; and between Tea Party members and Liberals, blacks and anyone else who is listening.  He has sarcastically pulled passages from the bible, while embracing the “Muslim World,” as if it were a monolithic political/religious entity.  While doing all of this, he has continued to build and benefit from community organizing efforts and has encouraged the would be revolutionary “Occupiers,” while denigrating middle-aged and elderly tea party members. In short, he has spit on American tradition, fomented turmoil and resentment and recreated a level of divisiveness not scene in decades.

Four years after his return from Harvard, as he prepared for his State Senate race, the Chicago Reader ran a story on Obama, noting that “…he’s entering politics to get back to his true passion—community organization.”  And as President, he has shown time and time again that his first love is community organizing and that he still knows how to agitate – how to “…rub raw the resentments of the people of the community…” – how “…to agitate to the point of conflict.”

Another attribute that Obama has consistently claimed is “Transparency.”  But, his brand may not be quite as clear as some would like.  Choosing the time, venue and level of disclosure convenient to his purposes –President Obama has become adept at righteously claiming transparency, while hiding in plain sight – “…a leaf…in a forest…”[15]

We may have known, as Obama ran for the Presidency in 2007 & 2008, that he was pro-choice.  But, did he make it clear that he was a strong advocate for partial birth abortions, or that he was stubbornly opposed to providing any lifesaving help to babies who survived abortion.  Perhaps, he was transparent to the extent that the person with questions had done their due diligence in ferreting out all the facts.

But, to be fair, he has been transparent – though perhaps more in the vein of “hiding in plain sight.”  In many conversations with liberal friends, I have found that their favorable assessment of the President has far more to do with charisma and race than with fact – including the facts that he has placed at our disposal in his own books.  Though his sales have been tremendous, most of the people with whom I have talked, have not read either of his books.  Yet, if confronted with any fact presented in either Dreams From my Father or The Audacity of Hope, he automatically has the high ground.  He was transparent.  You just weren’t paying attention.

In Obama’s 1995 book Dreams From my Father, for example, he admitted to being a cocaine user and to standing in a New York City meat locker, seconds and inches away from a shot at heroin.[16]  He told us about “The swagger that carries me into a classroom drunk or high, knowing that my teachers will smell beer or reefer on my breath, just daring them to say something.”[17]  To be sure, he tells us a great deal more – and having said so, he has made full disclosure.  And so, while past cocaine issues sent shock waves across the campaign of his Democratic opponent for the U.S. Senate, the public reaction to Obama’s drug and alcohol usage?  None.

I am reminded of a friend who once said, “The best place to hide something is often in a book.”

The Campaign Years

America knew little about Obama as we began watching him spar with Hillary Clinton.  Many times, he seemed to appear as the young, unseasoned “underdog” in the race, evoking voter sympathy.  But, where was the vetting?  When we first heard Hillary allude to Obama’s legal work on behalf of a “slumlord,” it seemed like a cheap shot – more angry rhetoric from someone desperate to save an election.  Indeed, as I recall, he was given reasonably free license to define what should be considered fair and unfair, or merely a “distraction.” Clearly, he owned the press.  As the debates and interviews went on however, it soon became clear that this was a razor sharp and tough Chicago politician – and nearly as quickly as that was discerned, the primary was over and Obama the winner.  The world was treated to watching his nomination acceptance speech in a surreal – Roman Coliseum type exhibition.

Then came John McCain, the American patriot, war hero and seasoned Republican Senator.  It was quickly apparent that he had no idea how to handle a campaign against Barack Obama.  In fact, while Obama was slicing and dicing without pity, McCain was almost apologetic in defending his opponent as “a good man” and telling constituents “I have to tell you he is a decent person and a person that you do not have to be scared of as president of the United States.” [18]  He was rewarded for this largesse with comments from Obama such as “It’s easy to rile up a crowd by stoking anger and division, but that’s not what we need right now in the United States. The American people aren’t looking for someone who can divide this country — they’re looking for someone who will lead it.”[19]  America listened – and voted for the Divider, who swore to “Fundamentally Transform the United States of America.”

Still, strange names and rumors of unsavory associations began to pop up.  The name Tony Rezko had surfaced in a debate with Hillary Clinton during the primary – and thanks to Political Commentator Sean Hannity – it was back in the news again, along with such notables as William Ayers, Minister Louis Farrakhan, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, and through Wright – James H. Cone.

Jeremiah Wright and James H. Cone

Recall that Obama’s minister and spiritual advisor – Reverend Jeremiah Wright – triumphantly said after 9/11 that “America’s chickens are coming home to roost?”[20] He also graced us with such patriotic words as “The government gives them the drugs, builds bigger prisons, passes a three-strike law and then wants us to sing ‘God Bless America.’ No, no, no, God damn America[21]…”

Political commentator Sean Hannity identified and examined Obama’s questionable long and close relationship with an America-bashing minister, who welcomed and gave awards to Nation of Islam Minister Louis Farrakhan and accompanied him on a visit to the late dictator, Muammar Qadaffi.[22]  Wright, who also accompanied Rev. Jesse Jackson to Cuba for a visit with Fidel Castro,[23] based his philosophy on the Black Liberation Theology expounded by James H. Cone.  Examples of this philosophy are found in Cone’s own book: A Black Theology of Liberation.   Cone says, for example:

“If the oppressed of this land want to challenge the oppressive character of white society, they must begin by affirming their identity in terms of the reality that is anti-white.  Blackness, then stands for all victims of oppression who realize that the survival of their humanity is bound up with liberation from whiteness.”[24]

 “While it is true that blacks do hate whites, black hatred is not racism.”[25]

Obama, by his own words, had known Wright for 20 years, spending 16 years in the pews of his church and coming to him for both his marriage and the baptism of his children.  Miraculously though, Obama was consistent in his representation that in the 832 Sundays that comprised his 16 years as Wright’s follower, he had not been present for even one of those American-bashing, or race card throwing sermons that gained such notoriety during the 2008 election cycle.  The success of this claim alone, should have sent Obama on a buying spree for Lottery tickets – it’s amazing how lucky a politician can be when members of the press forget the definition of journalism.  Yet, despite the media help and his alleged ignorance of Wright’s harshest sermons, Obama gave himself away (not that anyone noticed) when he knew it best to have Reverend Wright stand down during his initial announcement for the Presidency.[26]

As Wright’s vitriolic rhetoric received increased attention from conservative anchors, Senator Obama sought to counter the political damage by treating it as a mere “distraction.”  When this strategy failed to silence the questions, the Senator did what he does best.  He gave a speech proclaimed by liberals as a blockbuster, unequaled in history.  The Philadelphia speech – “A More Perfect Union”[27] – chastised Wright for his divisive comments, but went on to say:

“I can no more disown him than I can disown the black community.  I can no more disown him than I can my white grandmother – a woman who helped raise me, a woman who sacrificed again and again for me, a woman who loves me as much as she loves anything in this world, but a woman who once confessed her fear of black men who passed her by on the street, and who on more than one occasion has uttered racial or ethnic stereotypes that made me cringe.”[28]

In the ensuing days, he would clarify his statement for Philadelphia radio host Angelo Cataldi, saying:

“The point I was making was not that my grandmother harbors any racial animosity, but that she is a typical white person.”[29]

In the meantime, Wright’s inflammatory language continued to take center stage in the campaign.  We were quickly reminded of the Obama living just below the easy smile of a politician.  The teleprompters were barely folded before all concerns and reluctance for disowning him were put aside and a 20 year relationship had been severed with surgical precision.

Hardly a whisper survived.  In the mainstream media, Wright went from “hero to zero” and disappeared from any discussion that could – in any way – impact Obama’s chances for election.

Professor William Ayers

2012:  Professor William Ayers is shown on television, providing advice to an adoring group of “Occupiers,” a movement that the Canada Free Press says may have been orchestrated by President Obama. [30]

2001:  Ayers – a 60’s radical, leader of the Weather Underground, who once planted bombs at the New York Police Headquarters Building, the Pentagon and the Capitol[31] –– is photographed in an alley, an American flag under foot,[32] and is quoted as saying ”I don’t regret setting bombs.” ”I feel we didn’t do enough.”[33]

Despite bringing in “many millions” of dollars over several years to fund education projects of both Ayers and his radical education allies,[34] when confronted with their association, Obama told ABC’s George Stephanopoulos: “The notion that…me knowing somebody who engaged in detestable acts…when I was eight years old somehow reflects on me and my values doesn’t make much sense.” [35]

Obama’s dismissive response made Stephanopoulos the villain and reduced the Ayers association to a footnote.

Thankfully for the professor, Obama’s values did allow him to publicly endorse Ayers’ juvenile crime book – a book that compared “America to South Africa’s apartheid system, and contemptuously [dismissed] the idea of the United States as a kind or just country.”[36]

And though Obama dismissed with an air of condescension, the idea of a relationship with an unrepentant domestic terrorist, author Christopher Andersen notes that Ayers was a very significant contributor to Obama’s first book: Dreams From my Father.  According to Andersen, “…oral histories, along with his [Obama’s] partial manuscript and a trunkload of notes were given to Ayers.”  The finished book, oddly enough, bore a striking resemblance to “Ayers’s own writings.”[37]

It is safe to say that “acquaintances,” and people who just happen to serve on the same Boards, do not accept trunkloads of notes to examine in order to effect significant contributions to their co-member’s book.  Yet, the mainstream media was only too anxious to ignore the Obama/Ayers relationship – a relationship correctly identified and – like Wright – almost single-handedly examined by Political Commentator Sean Hannity.

Tony Rezko

Then there was Obama’s troubling association and financial dealings – including the purchase of his own Chicago home – with some possible help of so-called “slumlord” and convicted felon Tony Rezko[38]  Anybody who was paying attention had to be seeing Obama’s political career gone in a puff of smoke – but, only a few people were paying attention and this shocking scenario never got traction in the mainstream media.

The Presidency

African Americans for Obama

By early 2012, President Obama was publicly advertising “African-Americans for Obama” saying that this campaign was “powered by folks at every level, taking ownership where it matters most…in your faith community…at work and in school” and mentioning ways of becoming involved, including serving as a “congregation captain”[39] – all this from a President, who has consistently downplayed the role of Christianity in America and who has taken on at least two major religious groups. The first, through a U.S. Supreme Court case on the “Ministerial Exception.” The second, through the inclusion of free contraceptives and abortion-inducing drugs in Obamacare.  In one sense, as President of the United States, he seems to be urging people of faith to violate federal law by abusing their tax exempt status and engaging in political activities through the church.[40]  In another sense, he has simultaneously thrown a giant race card into his re-election bid by essentially calling for a racially motivated voting bloc.  Imagine if Mitt Romney announced a “White Americans for Romney” web-site.  His political future would end in a New York minute!


President Obama labeled a police department as acting stupidly,[41] claiming police bias against minorities[42] and cautioning immigrants that a proposed Arizona immigration law would result in their harassment.[43] Then, in 2010, in a desperate attempt to retain a Democratic Congress, he urged Latin immigrants to “punish our enemies” [44] at the polls.  His Administration went so far as to report a proposed Arizona Immigration law to the United Nations as a human rights issue.[45]   Michael Posner, Assistant Secretary of State, said he used a Human Rights meeting with the Chinese as a forum to discuss the Arizona immigration law:  In a May 17th article he is quoted as saying he spoke of the law “….early and often.”[46]  The proposed statute mirrored an existing federal law in effect for more than half a century.

While people were being killed on both sides of the border, Obama provided a platform and a supportive position for the Mexican President to lash out at Arizona’s new immigration law.  But, he answered the Arizona Governor’s plea for help[47]  with a lawsuit and an 80 mile “no go” zone between parts of Arizona and the U.S./Mexican border.[48] As Commander-in-Chief, he warned Americans against travel in our own country,[49] effectively ceding this 80 mile-wide strip of the United States to Mexican criminals.

Meanwhile, Homeland Security Director, Janet Napolitano, claimed “the border is better now than it ever has been.”[50]

Despite this and his reported failure to answer five letters sent by the Arizona Governor to members of his Administration, he allegedly greeted her with icy resentment as he arrived in Arizona to campaign for his 2012 re-election bid.  But, this may be Obama protocol for airport encounters with Republican Governors.  He and Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal allegedly had a similar meeting when Obama appeared in Louisiana during the BP oil spill crisis.

Energy and Crisis Management

President Obama openly brags about his so-called “all of the above”[51] energy policy – a policy that has included drilling moratoriums, slowing the permit process, failing to handle Iran, supporting Brazil’s, rather than U.S. oil production and constantly arguing against subsidies for American oil companies.  Only recently, did his Administration approve the building of two new nuclear power facilities – the first such approvals since his election.  Interestingly, The Southern Company, which will be building those facilities, will also be building a large biomass facility, a large photovoltaic (solar panel-powered) plant and installing four million “smart meters.”[52]  Could there be a quid pro quo here?  The Southern Company will be receiving federal loan guarantees of more than $8.3 billion through the Energy Dept., for the construction of the two nuclear power plants.[53]  There is still however, a question as to whether or not the company will succeed with the nuclear facilities over the protests of environmental groups.

President Obama, who was quick to criticize President Bush for his handling of Hurricane Katrina, defensively noted in the Gulf’s BP oil spill,  that “my powers are not limitless.  So I can’t dive down there and plug the hole.  I can’t suck it up with a straw…”[54] He publicly boasted that in the case of the oil spill, he was speaking to experts “…so I know whose ass to kick.”[55]  His Administration falsely claimed support of scientists for their Gulf drilling moratorium[56] as well as for their assumptions on the effectiveness of cleanup efforts. [57]

He ignored the court ruling against his Gulf drilling moratorium by simply rescinding it and issuing a new one.

With little fanfare – certainly, less than the word “Transparency” suggests – he has defunded the Yucca Mountain Nuclear storage facility, essentially ignoring the Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s warning against any attempt by the Energy Secretary to close the facility without Congressional Approval. [58] Waste is now being spread across 104 nuclear reactor sites around the Country.[59]  Is this safer than Yucca Mountain, or is the Yucca defunding simply a political favor to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV)?

Tea Party and “Occupiers”

President Obama has ridiculed and denigrated concerned citizens in the “Tea Party” movement as “Tea Baggers,”[60] while voicing support for the violent, drug using, business unfriendly “Occupy” movement. And while his Justice Dept. is quick to attack voter I.D. laws as having a negative racial impact, he apparently had no problem with permitting an armed Black Panther member to go free after menacing voters during the 2008 Presidential election. [61]

Healthcare Reform

He pushed Healthcare Reform on a disapproving public,[62] labeled and promised to defund Medicare Advantage Plans[63] as unnecessary, promised to cut $500 billion from Medicare spending[64] and told America that this would help to improve health care for seniors![65]  And lest we forget, he suggested that sometimes it’s better just to give somebody a pill, rather than potentially life-saving surgery.


Obama’s stimulus, according to a member of the San Francisco Federal Reserve,  boasted 2.4 million nonfarm jobs created or saved by March 31, 2010.  By September 30th, only 700,000 remained.[66]  Whether any now remain is a question.  The Administration takes credit for reduced unemployment, while the 2012 lower rate still remains above the level preceding the $787 billion dollar stimulus package and is most benefited by people simply exhausting their 99 weeks of federal unemployment benefits and giving up hope.


After he brusquely left the Israeli Prime Minister sitting alone in the White House, while he joined Michelle and the kids for dinner,  Obama made Israel’s Maariv news, which wrote: “There is no humiliation exercise that the Americans did not try on the prime minister and his entourage.  Bibi received in the White House the treatment reserved for the president of Equatorial Guinea.” [67]


Where does it stop?  In 2009, as he pushed for the “Stimulus,” America’s National Debt was $10.7 trillion.[68]  Obama screamed incessantly, that he had inherited a mess.  Twenty six months later, in his hands, the debt had increased to more than $14 trillion.[69]  By March, 2011, he was fighting desperately to reduce  even the meager Republican demanded budget cuts.  Finally agreeing to a cut of a token $38.5 billion.   The net effect of the cut – said to be $352 million in the first year[70] – compares (in the context of our National Debt) to a cut of approximately $5.03 from a $200,000 income.  By the end of February, 2012, the National Debt had grown to nearly $15.5[71] trillion with some reports projecting $16.4 trillion by the Nov. 2012 elections.  All the while, President Obama talks with a straight face about fiscal responsibility and claims the high ground for spending cut recommendations.


Initially, Obama the Senator – seemingly coming from obscurity to national prominence overnight – struck me as similar in some respects to our late President John F. Kennedy.  That was a short-lived observation.  In terms of his professional life, I will always believe that the phrase “Duty, Honor, Country” was illustrated by Kennedy – a war hero, a man who found it painful to walk, but who never let his pain show – a man who led the country through a potentially deadly international crisis, unafraid to go nose to nose with a super power – a man who had the vision to launch our space program and the understanding to arguably have been ready to extricate us from Vietnam in its earliest days.  He was a man of courage and even in the face of a disastrous decision on the Bay of Pigs invasion, he took personal responsibility and did not attempt to pass the blame to Eisenhower, where much of it may have belonged.

By contrast, Obama remains very much the child in Indonesia who shouted “curang, curang” (cheater, cheater)[72], blaming others for anything that goes wrong.  He has apologized for our country; downplayed the role and importance of our religious beliefs; promoted without reason or limit, the Islamic faith; vilified those with the vision and entrepreneurial spirit to accomplish great things; attempted to gut both our military and our space program; divided America with sarcastic and hateful rhetoric; and denigrated hardworking Americans who dare to dissent with his policies.

Economically, he is burying us in debt, by stubbornly favoring “investments” matching his ideological goals over sound fiscal policy.  He has avoided court orders, openly bragged about circumventing congressional authority, publicly humiliated U.S. Supreme Court Justices and even chided an earlier Supreme Court for not breaking “…free from the essential constraints that were placed by the founding fathers in the Constitution.”[73]   He has been embroiled in conflict with the Catholic Church and in the process has alerted and offended all the major religious groups. His White House is involved in lawsuits with more than half the states in the U.S.  He has promoted community organizing for personal political gain and has constantly reached out for our youth.  Through zealous teachers, his message has been echoed in classrooms from Kindergarten to high school – and it is difficult not to notice the number of his speeches given at colleges, universities and high schools.

Obama’s is a fast moving administration.  He has many things on his agenda and many people placed to initiate and push that agenda.  Even as he golfs, plays basketball and enjoys family vacations, all cylinders are firing.  The idea that he is “Governing” seems a stretch.  In fact, his administration appears to be checking off items on a list and doing whatever is necessary to accomplish them.  Healthcare Reform is a great example.  Even today, more than 50% of Americans want this law repealed and Obama busies himself instead with making it more encompassing – more deeply entrenched.  He has no interest in what America wants.  During February, while the polls showed 50% to 39%, the desire of Americans to repeal Obamacare, DNC Chairperson Debbie Wasserman Schultz (Rep. D-FL) attempted to reframe the argument to show Americans as “overwhelmingly” in support of the bill.[74]  By the end of June, 2012, we will have the Supreme Court’s decision on the Constitutionality of “Obamacare” and that result may very well define the amount of power the federal government will – from that day forward – exercise over the lives of all Americans.

Obama’s staff and Party have taken their lead from the top and it is Over the Top!  We are now in a time, according to Obama and his cohorts, when it is o.k. to “punish our enemies,” when it is o.k. to suggest that white conservatives want all blacks to be hanging from trees, [75] when it is o.k. to suggest that honest, hardworking people – when dissenting with Obama’s policies – are the same people who once wore sheets (KKK),[76] and when it is o.k. to say on the floor of Congress that the Republican health care plan is to have people “Die Quickly.”[77]

Too often, all of these things go unnoticed.  Single actions and sound bites are blended with the events of the day and soon forgotten.  When we have the opportunity to look at the cumulative impact – the relentless march of these words and actions in a compressed format – only then can that vague sense of uneasiness be replaced by a clear understanding of the current assault being made on both our Country and our values.  The problem is exacerbated by a mainstream media that has, in some cases, abdicated their journalistic responsibilities and opted instead to become press agents for Obama and Attackers of his political opponents.

203 Reasons Not to Vote for Obama is not a book based on, or written to justify personal opinion – though the author’s opinion is expressed without apology.  The decision to write this book was based on numerous events and statements made over the course of the 2008 Democratic Primary and general election campaigns, as well as during the three year period following Obama’s inauguration.  To the extent possible, it is my belief that the Presidency should be Party neutral and representative of all the people of this country.  This Presidency has been the polar opposite and the result has been a continuous effort to dim the  bright light that has since 1776, shone as a beacon from the greatest nation on Earth.  In his personal arrogance, Obama believes he has a better idea for our Country.  He said it himself, when he announced that “

“We’re only five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.” [78] 

I believe our country is in jeopardy today and that if President Obama is re-elected, the change will truly reflect his promised fundamental transformation.  I say this with the greatest of regret, because for a fleeting moment, I believed we were on the edge of the greatest, most productive Presidency in the history of this Country.  Fortunately, my mind was changed before election day, 2008.  And of all the simple things, it was Obama’s terse, dismissive response to a child that began to clear my eyes.

When I see a President sneer at any group of Americans – when I see a President that openly brags about circumventing Congress and who speaks about the opposition party as if they were enemies of the American people, I know as an American, that there is something fundamentally wrong.  When I see a President who forgets the name of a Congressional Medal of Honor Winner and who keeps an Attorney General who cannot so much as pick up the phone to express his condolences to the parents of a U.S. Border Patrol Agent murdered as a result of his Department’s operation, I see the absence of patriotism and of fundamental decency.  When I see a President who takes sides and picks winners and losers, who goes to war with one religion while pandering to another, who misrepresents scientific opinion, who disregards court orders, who sticks to an agenda, undeterred by the will of the people, I see elements of an ugly moment in European history being seeded here – needing only time and votes to grow.

But these are my own thoughts and opinions, developed over time.  Yours may be different.  It is not my intention in this book to beat an opinionated drum in anyone’s ear.

The preference in this book is to have Obama, his political cohorts and those who know him best, show you in their own words and actions, why this country loses, if Obama wins re-election in 2012.

Through examples, speeches and comments, the racial core, divisive nature and duplicity of Obama’s partisan politics emerge, along with his continuous campaign posture, his application of community organizing methods to politics, his impact on our youth and his disregard – even contempt – for dissenters.

These are the facts that demonstrate unequivocally, Obama’s disdain for historic America, the place it has occupied as a world leader and what he surely sees as its complete failure to provide social justice and positive economic outcomes for all its inhabitants – citizens, immigrants and illegal immigrants alike.

The class warfare promoted by this President, the divisiveness, arrogance, stubbornness and partisanship reflected in his words and actions; the distance of his Administration from American values and traditions, his own over the top and disingenuous rhetoric, the marginalizing of our religious foundations and the perversion of a free press – all of this and more could easily fill another book of equal or greater length.  But there is no time.  The issues are too urgent and the potential consequences of an Obama win, too grave to delay another day.

We are rapidly closing on the 2012 Presidential election.  As Obama activates his community organizers around the country and as Democrats begin spouting their practiced talking points – ignoring the real questions and concerns of the American people – America must be armed with as much information as possible.  We are witnessing, as all students of history know, a very dangerous relationship between this Administration and the media – in this case, the liberal majority of the media.  In this relationship, President Obama, his Administration and supporters are all shielded from any critical analysis of their failures, words, actions, and their most indefensible attacks against others.  At the same time, conservatives – whether politicians, members of the media, or simply engaged citizens – are considered “fair game” and characterized as extreme – even un-American.  Officials in the Obama Administration aggressively attack, or stand mute as others attack conservative media and they are represented by “czars” with such frightening and toxic positions as considering freedom of speech and of the press as “distractions,” or believing that there should be a two-tiered 1st Amendment – separating high and low value speech.

I dislike half truths and lies whether they come from the Left, or the Right.  I have come to expect them from the Left, but, it makes them no less disappointing.  There are no shortage of problems in government today – certainly, no reason to invent, or embellish.  Yet, too often, we find ourselves in the middle of coverage that is more targeted to personal attacks and knee-jerk responses than to important public policy.  Ask a policy question directly to a politician and you’re likely to have the back cover of the phone book read to you.  In a word, we should all be shouting “ENOUGH.”  We have real problems and a country full of people with great ideas.  But, those great ideas don’t matter if we’re not talking to each other in an open and honest manner. If the government is spending our money – and certainly, government has none of its own – then we should have clear, easy and full access to every piece of information (with the exception of classified information, information concerning active investigations, or other clearly defined exceptions) that has resulted from the use of that money.  When a Bill is written, it should be written in a way that every American can read and understand it.  Does a Healthcare Reform bill really require 2,700 pages with constant cross references?  When a U.S. Congressman laughs at the prospect of reading a bill – even with attorneys to help – we should be very concerned.  Just how “Transparent” is the Obama Administration really?

When I see a politician like Paul Ryan, who rolls up his sleeves, develops a plan and presents it clearly and openly, I am encouraged.  When I see a Peter King, or Darrell Issa – undeterred in their search for truth – I am encouraged.  When I hear a Marco Rubio speak, I am inspired.  But, for each of these, there are also the Maxine Waters’ and the Sheila Jackson Lee’s, who use over the top rhetoric to divide us; the Holder’s, who want the position but are quick to suggest that it comes without responsibility or accountability for them; the Alan Grayson’s, who seek to gain through fear and the demonization of their opponents.  While conservatives seem for the most part, to engage in conversation and to make statements regarding policy, liberals – especially under Obama – seem unrestrained in their use of provocative, racially charged, and attack-oriented language.

I am thankful for people who cut through the endless, unproductive rhetoric – who deliver truth and are guided by patriotism – who question boldly and refuse to accept double talk in answer to serious questions of the American people. Those who are given a microphone, be it radio, television, internet, or symbolically, through the written word, are also given a great responsibility.  One of their greatest tests – one failed by many – is delivering the unfiltered truth, even when it argues against their own political positions.

I once considered Glenn Beck extreme.  Today…I’m not so sure.  People like Glenn, Bret Baier, Bill O’Reilly, Deneen Borelli, Stephen Hayes, Charles Krauthammer, Neil Cavuto, Dana Perino, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Greta Van Susteren, David Barton, Brit Hume, Megyn Kelly, Chris Wallace, Kimberly Guilfoyle, Stephen Moore, Steve Forbes, Michelle Malkin, Laura Ingraham, Kirk Cameron, Jonah Goldberg, Mark Steyn and Mark Levin – a very diverse group themselves – are part of a much larger group of journalists, commentators, writers and producers still dedicated to our country and to the truth.

So, in that sense, Journalism is still very much alive.   So long as the truth lives, there is hope – not Obama’s idea of hope – but, real hope that inspires people to achieve, to honor and preserve our traditions, and to leave our country and our people better than they found them.

But, as you will see later in this book, there are still those who would unapologetically discard our First Amendment rights and use the façade of “journalism” as a “Front” for targeted political attacks and racism.

Republicans, Independents and all those who love and cherish America bear a tremendous responsibility in 2012 to vote in large numbers for a return to the path on which our Founders set us in 1776 and to the principles for which so many have since given their lives.  I have spent my life in public service – first in the military as a Navy Journalist in Vietnam and then in law enforcement – and I am proud to say that military service is a long honored tradition in my family, that started with the War of 1812.  All of this makes me an average guy, who like you, can see and feel the cynicism, negativity and divisiveness that was sold in 2008 as “Hope and Change” and who, like you, experiences the frustration of not being able to do much about it.  I have no radio, or television show.  I have no newspaper column.  I have no other way, but for this book, to share my concerns with you.

I am blessed to be an American and to live in a generous, loving and culturally diverse America – an America of equal opportunity that values and applauds life, individualism, hard work, competition, innovation, service to country and personal achievement – an America where an average guy still has a voice and still has a chance.

I pray that America will always be first, last and always “…one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

And, I pray that this book helps in some small way.


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