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With more than 30 countries literally on fire and brewing troubles in others, U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice recently appeared on ABC’s This Week with Jake Tapper.[1]  Responding to a question from Mr. Tapper as to why America had grown less popular across the Middle East despite President Obama’s Muslim outreach, Ms. Rice did what this administration seems to do so consistently.  She argued that the dark moonlit sky above us does not really signify night – and in fact, dark glasses were required to avoid the harsh glare of the sun.  Translated – she spoke like an insane person, living in an alternate reality.   With the trademark arrogance made famous by the Obama administration, Ms. Rice had no doubt that her every word would be accepted and perhaps even cherished.  What did she say?  She responded defensively that we’re not less popular and even challenged Tapper’s basis for making such an observation.[2]

And little wonder say Obama’s admirers…imagine a seasoned journalist coming to such a conclusion solely on the basis of the murder of a U.S. Ambassador and three of his staff, attacks on our embassies, burnings of the American flag, mobs chanting “Obama, Obama,” we are all Osama, while carrying signs calling for the annihilation of  America and Israel…the recklessness of such an assumption is beyond the pale!!!

Don’t forget the movie.  Ambassador Rice reminded us again that the attacks leading to the murder of Ambassador Chris Stevens and his three staffers was the result of spontaneous riots, where participants just happened to be carrying Rocket Propelled Grenades and launchers…makes sense.  It was an obscure movie that provoked those murders and riots around the world.  The low budget film, released in July seemed to be dormant for two months, as if hidden in a closet.  Then on just a random date – say, September 11th, all Hell broke loose.  In the world of Ambassador Rice and President Obama, that probably makes perfect sense.  And, if so, that’s really frightening.

Sarcasm aside, her response was all too typical of the stream of lies, half-truths and distortions that have come to characterize President Obama and his administration.  Republicans want dirty air and dirty water?[3]  We want to throw grandma over the cliff?  A few days ago, the President said that he has learned that “If you want to be president you’ve got to work for everybody, not just for some.” [4] Unless you’ve been out of the country for the last four years, with no access to television, radio and print material, that’s got to pull a laugh.  When he still held a majority in both houses of Congress, he was already berating Republicans for driving the “car” (of state) into the ditch and telling them they could come along, but would have to “sit in back”[5]…an outstanding way, no doubt often used by Obama to build consensus.  Was this an example of  working for both Republicans and Democrats?

How many times in his first several months as President did he remind us that “Elections have consequences” and “I won.”[6]  Was he binding the wounds – bringing people together – working for everybody?

Then there was his instruction to Latinos to “Punish your enemies,” and his warning that if you are Hispanic and taking your child out for ice cream,   “you’re going to be harassed.”  Was he working for everybody?

He wondered, in the pages of  Dreams from my Father:

“whether a black politics that suppressed rage toward whites generally, or one that failed to elevate race loyalty above all else, was a politics inadequate to the task.”[7]

Has he then been working for black Americans, or white Americans?  Or, was this still another example of Obama working for everybody?

It all seems to beg a question.  Another video was just uncovered, in which Obama again identifies himself as being in favor of redistribution.  He has said that on more than one occasion.  Remember “Joe the Plumber?”

Now, does he represent the people to whom hard earned, redistributed money will flow – or, does he represent those who have worked for what they have and from whom it will be “redistributed” to others?

Well, I guess he’s “working for everybody.”  That’s what he said.  Remember, “Elections have consequences.”  He did win.

We did not.  But, we have another chance in November.

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