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About Our Free 50

What’s in a name?  Memorial day, May 28, 2012,  marked the launch of “Our Free 50.”   Free 50 here, means the free 50 states, comprising the greatest nation on Earth – a nation with the most highly dedicated, best trained military force the world has ever known.

Our Free 50 also alludes to states’ rights and the appropriate roles of federal and state governments.  It speaks to economic issues and the need to identify and properly fund necessary federal services, while identifying and defunding those federal programs more appropriately delegated to the 50 states.

Our Free 50 calls on the federal government to properly and diligently perform the functions for which it is responsible – to recognize and be responsive to the unique needs of each state – and to understand the significant affects on the people of our 50 states when federal government fails to meet it’s responsibilities.

Our Free 50 is concerned with government attacks on religious freedom and conscience.  It is concerned with divisive tactics and hate mongering from any quarter.  It also recognizes that both the federal government and state governments, like corporations, are dynamic reflections of the individuals charged with making and interpreting laws and rules and making day-to-day decisions that affect us all.  Government’s decisions are often of a life or death nature.  Government sets tax policies and affects  large expenditures of money that would otherwise have accrued to those who earned it.

In short, Our Free 50.com is a blog about government and all that it entails.  The focus of the blog will shift from time to time, depending on issues of the moment.  But, the general theme will always be good, honest and responsive government for all people, regardless of race, color, creed, gender, age, economic status, political or religious affiliation, or any other differentiating characteristic.


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