Chick-Fil-A and a Look at America’s Future

Only 97 Days Remaining!

Chick-Fil-A and a Look at America’s Future

Seventy six percent of Americans are practicing Christians. Yet, Obama felt it necessary to cynically create an absurd “strawman” and flesh it out, by ridiculing the application of biblical prescriptions to modern government. On another occasion, he was quick to announce to the world that “America is no longer a Christian nation…at least, not just.” At the same time, he has called the Muslim call to prayers “…one of the prettiest sounds on Earth at sunset,” credited Muslims with helping to shape America and stated that he considers it his “responsibility as President of the United States to fight against negative stereotypes of Islam wherever they appear.” He gave NASA, as one of their highest priorities, the task of outreach to Muslims. When Korans were accidentally burned in Afghanistan after being used to pass extremist messages in the Parwan Detention Facility, our supposed Afghan allies killed 6 American soldiers in cold blood and wounded five others. Obama apologized to the Afghans.

Cumulatively – and there’s many more examples – this behavior says a great deal about Obama’s thoughts on religion. But, it also says something about his view of his own power and his ability to judge – even ridicule – the values of others. The idea that one of his closest political cohorts – Rahm Emanuel – would behave in a like manner, is not surprising. It is however, both reprehensible and a frightening reminder that sustaining our way of life and safeguarding our liberties is no longer solely an issue of opposing super powers, but increasingly one that involves the accountability of our own elected leaders.Whether it is Obama ridiculing religion, buying votes with a sudden support of illegal immigration or gay marriage, vowing to work around a duly elected Congress, apologizing to those killing our own soldiers, or calling on Latinos to “Punish our enemies;” whether it is a Secretary of Interior who circumvents court orders to impose a drilling moratorium; whether it is a city alderman threatening to withhold a business permit; a big city Mayor attempting to force women to breast feed or, another big city Mayor calling out the religious beliefs of a businessman and telling America that those are not the values of his City – all of these and so many more examples in recent days tell us that the America we enjoyed as children and have always considered invincible, is under assault from those who no longer consider themselves representatives of the people, or guardians of our freedom – but, who now see themselves as “Rulers” and members of a power elite. It is no less our duty as citizens to identify and vote these would be kings out of office, than it is the duty of our soldiers to face and defeat our military enemies.
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Finding More Reasons Not to Vote for Barack Obama

161 Days Remaining

As  Our Free 50 launches, America is involved in a critical countdown.  That, of course, is the countdown to the 2012 Presidential elections.  We have 161 days  until voters have a chance to introduce commonsense into the national agenda – to eliminate the divisiveness, out of control spending, religious attacks, arrogance, class warfare and apologies for America, that have marked the Obama years.  We have 161 days until getting our chance to stop the Obama Administration from “Fundamentally Transforming the United States of America.”

Here, at Our Free 50, We are also looking at a second and parallel countdown of sorts, which has to do with the book 203 Reasons Not to Vote for Barack Obama.  While the title of this book may seem unimaginative, it’s a fact filled, quick read; comprised of the quotes and records of Obama, his political cohorts and those who know him best.  It’s all the little news pieces that when separated by time, don’t seem to mean much and are easily forgettable.  When rolled into a consolidated source as they are here, suddenly a broader picture emerges, showing a federal government out of control and in the wrong hands.  It’s not everything you should know before voting in November, but, it’s a lot of what you should know.

Now to business:  As the author of 203 Reasons Not to Vote for Barack Obama, I’d like you to buy the book!  There.  I’ve said it. It’s available now on as a kindle (including for the IPad) book, priced at only $4.99.  If you’re an Amazon Prime member, you can even read it for FREE!  203 Reasons Not to Vote for Barack Obama will also be available as a paperback in late June, or early July, priced at $11.99.

If you buy the paperback, please pass it around after you’ve read it.  The goal here is not money; it’s the future of our country.  If $4.99 is too much, stay tuned to  “Our Free 50” and bring your friends.  In the 161 days remaining before the election, I’ll be posting a portion of the book daily.  I regret that, without a complete re-typing,  the book’s finished appearance in the blog post is unequal to the Amazon version.  It is still however, perfectly readable.  Please read it, comment and add more reasons of your own.  In fact, I’d like you to add a lot more reasons.  That’s why I’m making the following commitment.

Here’s the small print: (it’s on my “About” page also): I will be donating 20% of all profits from the book to the Wounded Warrior Project (Please see “Notice” at the end of our “About” page).  Additionally, for every 10 unique reasons I receive from readers, showing why America should Not Vote for Barack Obama, I will contribute $1 to the Wounded Warrior Project, up to a maximum of $500.  The reasons cannot be the same as I have in the book and they must be real and based on fact – not personal feelings.  If you use quotes – and I encourage you to do that – you must attribute them to their source.  All such sources will be checked.  Sorry, but I’ll have to be the final arbiter of what counts.

By submitting these “Reasons,” you agree that they may be used by me, for publication; for sharing with the RNC; for sharing with any other person, or organization opposing Obama’s re-election; or for any other legal purpose.  You agree that these submissions and all rights thereto, are being given without claim for remuneration of any kind, and without claim of copyright.  In turn, I promise not to use your name in connection with such submissions unless you request, or otherwise give express permission for your name to be used.  If you would like to be identified with the Reasons you submit, I will gratefully acknowledge your contribution when sharing, or publishing the information.

So, to recap:  Save $4.99 and read the book right here – FOR FREE – in convenient installments.  But, even if you buy it, don’t go away.  There’s still a reason to be here.  First, in addition to the book, I’ll be covering other topics and hopefully, presenting a fresh point of view.  I hope you’ll consider submitting articles as well.  Then, there’s the “Reasons.”  Imagine if collectively, we could come up with – oh, let’s say – 10,000 Reasons Not to Vote for Barack Obama?  Imagine giving that kind of list to the RNC, the Romney campaign, CPAC, The Heritage Foundation, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, etc.?

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