Reason 11 – Obama to Change Our History?

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Reason #11

Obama to Change our History?

In 2008, campaigning for her husband in Puerto Rico, Michelle Obama told a supportive crowd that:

“Barack knows that…we’re going to have to change our conversation – we’re going to have to change our traditions – our history…”[i]

Those are not good words if you believe in the promise of America – if you are proud of what this nation stands for; or, if you, a family member, or ancestors have served our Country in time of war.  America does not represent perfection in its history, so much as it does hope in its journey.  Yet, the beauty, freedom and opportunity of America today, stand well above whatever nation claims second place.

Though some may claim otherwise, we remain a nation under God, enjoying the blessings of our Creator.  We are a nation founded on Judeo-Christian beliefs and respecting the religious freedoms of all people.  Those who would change our traditions and our history, tamper as destructive children, with the sacred treasure of Democracy – earned and preserved with the blood and sacrifice of generations.

There is nothing here to “Fundamentally Transform!”

[i] Michelle Obama, (May 14, 2008),, Michelle Obama in Puerto Rico, posted by BarackObamadotcom on May 28, 2008, retrieved January 6, 2011 from

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