Reason 26 – Obama and Sterilization Capsules

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Reason #26

Obama and Sterilization Capsules

Another Obama pick is Dr. John Holdren, Director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy.  He is indeed, an interesting addition to the Obama Team and a person who would probably like to weigh in on the current contraceptive issue.  In 1977, he co-authored a book called Ecoscience, providing several population control options, including a system in which a long term sterilization capsule could be implanted under the skin of young girls when they reach puberty – a capsule that “…might be removable, with official permission, for a limited number of births.” [i]

The selection of Holdren as Director of Science and Technology Policy says a great deal about Obama – and provides a serious warning for the rest of America.

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[i] Paul R. Ehrlich, Anne H. Ehrlich & John Holdren, Ecoscience: Population, Resources, Environment, (San Francisco, 1977, W. H. Freeman), 787

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Reason 24/25 – Obama Denies Parents’ Right to Know of Abortions/Abortion and Slavery

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 Reason #24

Obama Denies Parents’ Right to Know of Abortions

Senator Obama voted against the 2006 Child Interstate Abortion Notification Act.  His was a vote to allow “…taking minors across State lines in circumvention of laws requiring the involvement of parents in abortion decisions.”  In other words, Obama believes that if you live in a state that requires parental consent for abortion, it’s o.k. for your 14 year old daughter to cross state lines, or to be taken across state lines by someone else, in order to have an abortion in a state with no such requirements.[i]

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Reason #25

Abortion and Slavery

After more than a year of controversy and delays, Dawn Johnsen, President Obama’s early pick as the head of the Dept. of Justice’s Office of Legal Counsel, withdrew from consideration in April, 2010.[ii]

Johnsen’s nomination was apparently negatively affected by “her positions on torture and the investigation of previous administration actions.”[iii]  But, we can’t say that President Obama didn’t try.  And why did her nomination stay on the table for more than a year?  Could it have had anything to do with her position on abortion?

As the head of the National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL) in 1989, Johnsen filed a brief with the Supreme Court, in which she asserted that “Any restriction that makes abortion less accessible is, in her view, tantamount to ‘involuntary servitude’ because it ‘requires a woman to provide continuous physical service to the fetus in order to further the state’s asserted interest [in the life of the unborn].’ In effect, a woman ‘is constantly aware for nine months that her body is not her own: the state has conscripted her body for its own ends.’ Such ‘forced pregnancy,’ she contends, violates the Thirteenth Amendment, which prohibits slavery.”[iv]

[i] On the Issues: Every Political Leader on Every Issue, Vote number 2006-216 notifying parents of minors who get out-of-state abortions on Jul 25, 2006 regarding bill S.403 Child Interstate Abortion Notification Act – Results: Passed 65-34 – Democrats voting on 2006-216, retrieved January 9, 2012 from

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Reason 23 – Obama Takes Credit for Comfortable Deaths

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Reason #23

Obama Takes Credit for Comfortable Deaths

Nurse Jill Stanek, during her testimony before the Illinois Senate Judiciary Committee in March, 2001, described a horrific scenario of aborted, but surviving babies being left in a hospital’s soiled utility closet – there to die alone and without medical assistance.  Then State Senator Barack Obama, was according to Nurse Stanek, “unfazed” by her testimony.  But, while he may have been “unfazed” by her graphic descriptions, he was apparently listening.  He proved this in 2002, when Ms. Stanek again testified before the same Committee.  Obama reportedly responded to her later testimony, noting:

“’Ms. Stanek, your initial testimony last year showed your dismay at the lack of regard for human life.” “I agreed with you last year, and we suggested that there be a Comfort Room or something of that nature be done.  The hospital acknowledged that and changes were made and you are still unimpressed.  It sounds to me like you are really not interested in how these fetuses are treated, but rather not providing absolutely any medical care or life to them.”[i]

In addition to his apparent callousness, Obama seems to be claiming personal credit for setting up the “Comfort Room” in response to Stanek’s 2001 testimony.  He apparently forgot to consider that the room was implemented four months before her first appearance before his Committee.

[i] Jill Stanek, (Jan. 18, 2008), WND Web-Site, WND Commentary, PLAY IT AGAIN, SAM: Barack Obama and the Comfort Room, retrieved January 19, 2012 from

Reason 22 – Obama Fights for Partial Birth Abortions

145 Days Remaining!

Reason #22

Obama Fights for Partial Birth Abortions

In 1997, then Illinois State Senator Obama voted “…against a bill designed to prevent partial-birth abortions.”  These are abortions in which the baby’s skull is cracked open, permitting the use of a suction device to pull their brains out.[i] (Emphasis Added)

In 2004, Michelle Obama – in an email to her husband’s supporters – referred to a federal ban on partial-birth abortions, passed by Congress in 2003, “as a ‘ban on a legitimate medical procedure’ that ‘is clearly unconstitutional and must be overturned.’”[ii](Emphasis Added)

In his book, The Audacity of Hope, Obama suggests that activists:

“…have openly discouraged legislative allies from even pursuing those compromise measures that would have significantly reduced the incidence of the procedure popularly known as partial-birth abortion, because the image the procedure evokes in the mind of the public has helped them win converts to their position.”[iii]

More proof of Obama’s strength!  The gruesome description of having a child’s skull cracked and his or her brains sucked out seemed to have no affect on the Obama’s.  He laments the loss of political allies to support partial birth abortion, citing what he apparently believes to be the unfair disclosure of how this grim procedure is accomplished.  His wife simply wanted the procedure put back on the menu!  How could we possibly be more proud of a First Family?

[i] Jerome R. Corsi, The Obama Nation: Leftist Politics and the Cult of Personality, (New York, 2008, Threshold Editions) pp 238-239

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Reason 21 – Commemorative Photos of Aborted Babies

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Reason #21

Commemorative Photos of Aborted Babies

In 1999, Jill Stanek, a Registered Nurse (RN) at Christ Hospital in Oak Lawn, Illinois.  found an aborted, but surviving baby “left to die alone amidst bio-hazardous human waste and dirty soiled sheets in an untended utility closet. To add insult to the infant’s already egregious injury, his convulsing wriggling body was callously deposited next to a urinal.”[i] Nurse Stanek indicated that the baby was being left there by a co-worker, who had participated in the abortion surgery and who had duties to perform on another floor.  “When she told me what she was doing I couldn’t bear the thought of this suffering child dying alone.”She reportedly “cradled and rocked” the baby until he died 45 minutes later. [ii]

Stanek described this event in her 2001 testimony before the U.S. Congress and the Illinois State Senate’s Judiciary Committee.  She also described for the Committee, the so-called “Comfort Room” that Christ Hospital had installed in December, 2000 – apparently in response to her public statements:

“Meanwhile, here in Illinois, life and death go on. Four months ago, Christ Hospital unveiled its ‘Comfort Room.’ So now I can no longer say that live aborted babies are left in our Soiled Utility Room to die. We now have this prettily wallpapered room complete with a First Photo machine, baptismal gowns, a foot printer, and baby bracelets, so that we can offer keepsakes to parents of their aborted babies. There is even a nice wooden rocker in the room to rock live aborted babies to death.”[iii]

According to Ms. Stanek, then State Senator Barack Obama was “’unfazed’ by her testimony.”[iv]

Life quotes an AP report, noting that in 2001, Obama gave his position on the “born alive” issue as follows:

“It would essentially bar abortions because the equal protection clause does not allow somebody to kill a child, and if this was a child then this would be an anti-abortion statute.”[v]

In other words, then State Senator Obama logically deduces that if a child survives late term abortion and is still alive after being fully separated from the mother, then the child is, in fact, a living person and we are not allowed to kill living people.  His answer however, was not to stop the murders, but apparently, to simply ignore the life.

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