Reason #40 – Guess Who’s Not Coming to Dinner

Only 133 Days Remaining!

Reason #40

Guess Who’s not Coming to Dinner

Has Israel – with Obama as President of the U.S. – been treated as a “stalwart” ally?  It seemed precisely the opposite in March, 2010, when President Obama and Prime Minister Netanyahu met at the White House.  After failing to get agreement on a list of 13 demands made of the Prime Minister, President Obama reportedly left the room, telling Netanyahu:

 “I’m going to the residential wing to have dinner with Michelle and the girls.”[i]  Israel’s Yediot Ahronot newspaper quoted the President as saying: “I’m still around.  Let me know if there’s anything new.”[ii]

Another Israeli paper, Israel’s Maariv, wrote that “There is no humiliation exercise that the Americans did not try on the prime minister and his entourage.  Bibi  [Netanyahu] received in the White House the treatment reserved for the president of Equatorial Guinea.”[iii]

Obama’s former pastor, Jeremiah Wright, would apparently be proud.  Wright, who famously said from the pulpit “We have supported state terrorism against the Palestinians…”[iv] has also reprinted anti-Israel articles by others and included them in church newsletters circulated to parishioners.  One such article, by Hamas leader Mousa Abu Marzook, asked “Why should any Palestinian “recognize” the monstrous crime carried out by Israel’s founders and continued by its deformed modern Apartheid state?”[v]

Boston Globe Columnist Jeff Jacoby wrote that Obama’s “…exceptionally close ties to the man he described as his spiritual mentor, the Israel-bashing Reverend Jeremiah Wright, should have given pause to any pro-Israel voter.” [vi]  And Syndicated Columnist Mona Charen wrote “Sure, Obama mouthed a few bromides about Israel’s security during the campaign, but Jewish voters, like other Americans, were aware that this candidate’s history was uniquely hostile to Israel. They knew of Obama’s tame attendance at Jeremiah Wright’s church (which gave Louis Farrakhan a “lifetime achievement award” and offered space in its bulletin to Hamas). They were aware of his friendships with Bill Ayers and Rashid Khalidi and of his affection for Third World causes.”[vii]

New York Magazine’s Dan Amira contested the widely publicized story of Obama snubbing Netanyahu at their  March 25, 2010 White House meeting.  Amira wrote that “the White House points out to us that such scenarios are impossible, since Michelle, Sasha, and Malia Obama were in New York City that night.”[viii]  Oddly, a Chicago Sun Times article by Lynn Sweet – to which a link is provided in Amira’s own article, reports that Michelle and the two Obama girls returned to Washington, DC on Wednesday, March 24, 2010[ix]– the day before the alleged infamous meeting between Obama and Netanyahu.

But, once again, the media tries to give him a pass.

(Excerpt from 203 Reasons Not to Vote for Barack Obama)

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Reason 14/15 – Obama “Inherited” – 16,300 Times!/President Won’t Share Keys

151 Days Remaining!

Reason #14

Obama “Inherited” – 16,300 Times

Even today, this President continues to try and distance himself from the economic problems faced by America.  Nothing is his fault.  He bears no responsibility.  He “Inherited” this mess.  In fact, if you had gone to the White House web-site at 10:45am EST, on March 21, 2012, and in the search box, entered the word “inherited.”  This would have been your result:

Results 1-10 of about 16,300 for ‘”inherited”[i]

In his remarks to a Joint Session of Congress on Feb 24, 2009, he used the word three times and those of us who have listened to him, have heard it on many other occasions.  To be fair, these were not all his own speeches, but they all came from the White House.  Since it would take far too long to search each of the 16,300 uses of the word “Inherited,” I’ll stipulate that he could have used the word in other contexts – but, even if we generously allow that this happened in 1,000 cases, that still leaves 15,300 times in which the word was used once or more to describe his plight as the 44th President of the U.S. and his absolute freedom from any responsibility for our current economic conditions.

Although he still uses “inherited,” to point the finger at others, he has also learned to mix it up – now using the equally stunning “…for the last eight years….” and then again, to “….over the last decade.”  Same message, but as he and Duval Patrick say; “Words Matter.”[ii]

* * *

Reason #15

President Won’t Share Keys – Demands others Compromise

Sticking to the same divisive, partisan rhetoric he consistently uses on the American people, President Obama addressed members of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee on May 13, 2010, telling them:

“So after they drove the car into the ditch, made it as difficult as possible for us to pull it back, now they want the keys back.  No!  You can’t drive!  We don’t want to have to go back into the ditch! We just got the car out! We just got the car out!”[iii]

And here at the wheel is the President of “hope and change,” “fundamentally transforming the United States of America.”  His inspirational words no doubt enhanced the spirit of bipartisan cooperation – and this was when Democrats controlled both Houses.  Does the President who was ready to meet with Ahmadinejad sound like he was ready to work cooperatively with Republicans?

* * *

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* * *

Reason 9/10 – Obama the Warrior/A President as Good as his Word

154 Days Remaining!

Over the past year, we’ve witnessed almost everything we would never have believed.  As our soldiers put their lives on the line for Afghanistan, Afghan soldiers – the ones we’re training – the ones we’re protecting – are killing our people.  Our leader’s incredibly strong response:  apologize when possible.  When the Secretary of  Defense visited our troops, they were ordered to leave their weapons outside the tent – because Afghans – the same ones that are killing them – were reportedly unarmed and we didn’t want it to appear uneven.  Shortly after we withdrew from Iraq, there were more killings.  Since the writing of this book however, Iraq seems to have fallen silent.  But, is it?  On Sunday, a religious ruling was published in the country, in which Ayatollah Kazim al-Haeri – who lives in Iran –  forbade voting for secular politicians.  al-Haeri is the spiritual mentor of “Muqtada al-Sadr, an anti-American Shiite cleric,” who is opposing the current Prime Minister – Nouri al-Maliki – also a Shiite.   The majority of al-Maliki’s opposition reportedly comes from secular groups.[1] On a different note, are you impressed with the amount of money expended in presidential elections?  Here’s what Obama promised in 2008 – and what he actually did.

Reason #9

Obama the Warrior

On October 27, 2007, then Senator and Presidential candidate Barack Obama, promised to end the war in Iraq and bring troops home immediately after becoming President.

“I will promise you this – that if we have not gotten our troops out by the time I am President – it is the first thing I will do. I will get our troops home.  We will bring an end to this war.  You can take that to the bank.”[i]

More than four years later – and nearly three years into his Presidency – Obama made good on the promise, leaving Iraq on an announced timetable he helped finalize and in a condition that brought terrorist attacks within weeks of our withdrawal.

Reason #10

A President as Good as his Word

Recently, some have questioned President Obama’s reversal on the issue of “Super PACs.”  After openly attacking the Supreme Court ruling on PACs in his 2010 State of the Union Address and later calling Super PACs “a threat to our Democracy,” he decided to take advantage of them to assist his 2012 re-election bid.  But, for those who were surprised by this flip flop, we have only to look back to his last Presidential campaign, where he promised to join Senator McCain, in conducting his campaign under the constraints of the Public Financing System.  He proudly announced in the Fall of 2007:

“If I am the Democratic nominee, I will aggressively pursue an agreement with the Republican nominee to preserve a publicly financed general election.” [ii]

That lasted until he got a glimpse of how much money he could collect without a public finance restriction.  By June 19, 2008, his tune had changed:

“We’ve made the decision not to participate in the public financing system for the general election.” [iii]

This was the first time since the system was created, that any “major nominee has declined public financing.”[iv] According to the Center for Responsive Politics, Obama raised approximately $745 million, while McCain, who kept his pledge to use Public Financing for the General Election, raised less than half of that.  McCain, because he kept that pledge, “faced an $84 million limit on what he could spend during the general election, putting him at a huge disadvantage compared to Obama, who raised $66 million more than that in September alone.”[v]

Your Turn

Do you know a Reason why Barack Obama should not be elected President? Can you tie that Reason to something specific and document it with a credible source?  If so, share it in the Reply box at the end of this page.  Working together, let’s set a goal of 10,000 Reasons – and when we have them, let’s share them with the GOP!!!  Make your voice heard on our new page: What Do You Think?

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Reason 6 – Obama: Looking Out for Number 1

156 Days Remaining!

Reason #6

Obama: Looking Out for Number 1

Shortly after being elected President of the Harvard Law Review, Obama was approached by literary agent Jane Dystel, who suggested he prepare a book proposal for an autobiography. According to author Christopher Andersen, Obama agreed and Dystel took it to several publishers.  Finally, she landed him a book contract with Poseidon Press, a Simon & Schuster company.  Obama was given the almost unheard of first time author advance of $150,000, receiving half in advance.  He was to provide Poseidon with the completed manuscript by 1991.  Time passed and Obama failed to produce.  In 1993, his contract was canceled.  He reportedly went to Simon & Schuster and was able to receive their forgiveness of the $75,000 debt he now owed them.  Despite what could be easily interpreted as a major breach and a large mark against author Obama’s credibility, Dystel was undaunted.  She not only obtained a new contract for Obama with Random House’s Times Book Division , but she also managed to negotiate a new $40,000 Advance.

Following Obama’s 2004 Keynote Address at the Democratic National Convention, the book began to move and Dystel once again attempted to maximize Obama’s profits by obtaining the rights to his book and then finding still another publisher.  Before she could do this however, Random House’s Crown Book Division published it in paperback.  The book went on to sell approximately two million copies and when Obama was elected to the Senate, Crown offered him a two million dollar contract for two books.

In the true spirit of a man who believes in keeping commitments, rewarding loyalty and ensuring fairness for all, Obama reportedly dumped Dystel as his agent and hired an attorney to finalize the deal with Crown.  Why?  Reportedly, to avoid paying Dystel’s longer term commission, in favor of one time hourly legal fees connected with the completion of the new contract.[i]

As the famed Community Organizer, Saul Alinsky said:

“…one’s concern with the ethics of means and ends varies inversely with one’s personal interest in the issue.”[ii]

How Presidential…

Note:  You can read the entire 203 Reasons Free today with an Amazon Prime Account, or purchase the Kindle version for only $4.99!

Your Turn

Do you know a Reason why Barack Obama should not be elected President? Can you tie that Reason to something specific and document it with a credible source?  If so, share it in the Reply box at the end of this page.  Working together, let’s set a goal of 10,000 Reasons – and when we have them, let’s share them with the GOP!!!  Make your voice heard.  And while you’re at it, who do you think Mitt Romney will select as his running mate?  Vote here!!!

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Reason 5 – A Charmed Life:Obama Glides Into State Senate

157 Days Remaining!

We normally don’t think of a person’s good fortune as a reason not to vote for him or her.  Sometimes, however, the way that good fortune comes leaves serious questions about what a candidate is willing to do in order to chalk one in the “Win” column.  It seems more than appropriate to weigh such tactics, when evaluating the candidacy of someone who, as a boy, was known for yelling “Curang, Curang” (cheater, cheater) and who as a man, blames so much on others.  The question, perhaps:  Is this a politician who lives by the spirit of the law, the letter of the law, or by what moves him most effectively towards his own ends?  Your answer may or may not leave you with a Reason Not to Vote for Barack Obama.  It will certainly leave you with another piece of the puzzle answering: Who is Barack Obama?

Reason #5

A Charmed Life – Obama Glides into State Senate

There can be little doubt that Barack Obama has lived a charmed life.  While apparently not from a particularly wealthy family, he was able to attend Punahou, an elite Hawaiian prep school and then move on to Occidental College in California, followed by Columbia University in New York and finally, after spending time as a Chicago community organizer, to prestigious Harvard Law School, where he was selected first black President of the Harvard Law Review.  After being selected President of the Harvard Law Review, he was given a book contract with Simon & Schuster and an advance of $150,000.[i]

But, in 1995, on top of all this good fortune, Obama was given the gift that has kept on giving.

Popular Illinois State Senator Alice Palmer had decided to run for a seat in the U.S. Congress against Jesse Jackson, Jr.  As a believer in Obama, Palmer encouraged him to run for her seat and endorsed him as her replacement.  When things went bad for her in the Congressional race, her staff contacted Obama, requesting that he withdraw from the race and allow her to recover her old seat.  Obama refused.  Undeterred, Palmer obtained sufficient names on a petition to be placed on the 1996 ballot, running against Obama in the Primary.

According to David Mendell, author of Obama: From Promise to Power, “a volunteer for Obama challenged the legality of her petitions, as well as the legality of petitions from several other candidates.”  All were disqualified and Obama finished the Primary unopposed.  With Republicans not well represented in the contested District, Obama walked across the finish line with an easy win.[ii]

Truly a moment for Democracy – eliminating all of your opponents on a technicality!

Your Turn

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Reasons 3/4 – Obama The Drunk Punk/Obama:Capable of Decades Old Grudge

158 Days Remaining!

Encompassing his days at both Punahou in Hawaii and Occidental College in Los Angeles, the following two “Reasons” from 203 Reasons Not to Vote for Barack Obama, show a teenager out of control and a man capable of holding a grudge in a manner and for a length of time, reminiscent of the classic Mafioso.  But, this is neither.  This is the President of the United States.

Reason #3

Obama the Drunk Punk

We know very little about President Obama’s school years, except that which he opted to share through his book: Dreams from my Father.  Among the elements comprising his literary self portrait is this passage:

“…the swagger that carries me into a classroom drunk or high, knowing that my teachers will smell beer or reefer on my breath, just daring them to say something.”

This is the President with the bad boy rock star persona, carefully crafted to attract America’s youth.  This is the President who supports the “Occupy” movement – home to drugs, violence, filth, interference with private business and destruction of property.  This is the President who sends patriotic young men and women into combat and who controls our nuclear arsenal.

* * *

Reason #4

Obama: Capable of Decades Old Grudge?

Obama’s characterization of his relationship with his high school coach – Coach McLachlin – was that  “…there was some strain,” when he first joined the team.

“Coach McLachlin was a terrific coach, but he was also Mr. Fundamentals. He was very big on picks and rolls and bounce passes and chest passes. He never cared for behind-the-back passes, or spin moves. So we had some conflict. We had some tension. In retrospect, I realize that he probably was right in most of our disagreements. At the time I thought he was unfair. But he was a terrific coach, we had a terrific team and we had some great players. I have very fond memories of our team.”[i]

Although coach McLachlin apparently has good reason to believe that their disagreement is now behind them, one article says, ”those close to Obama say that the clash still rankles with him.”[ii] David Mendell, author of Obama: From Promise to Power, writes that when he mentioned McLachlin to Obama in 2004, he got “a visceral reaction” – that it “was one of the moments when Obama’s short fuse and healthy ego slipped out from behind his cool exterior.”[iii]  If that is indeed the truth, it reveals an almost frightening aspect of Obama’s personality – the ability to sustain a grudge – even one resulting from perceived childhood slights – for more than a quarter century!

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Reason 93 – Obama:Agitating to Dismantle America/Is the Attorney General Purposely Dividing Americans?

159 Days Remaining

United States Attorney General

Purposely Dividing Americans?

Earlier today, Attorney General Eric Holder addressed a group of black church leaders in Washington, DC.  He used the gathering as an opportunity to express his position on state laws requiring voters to produce photo I.D.[1]  It is not the first time that Mr. Holder has addressed this issue.

The divisiveness inherent in the Attorney General’s remarks, both today and in other forums,  is such that I have interrupted the normal delivery of 203 Reasons Not to Vote for Barack Obama.  Today, after discussing Mr. Holder’s presentation, we skip to Reason #93, which seems particularly relevant to the issue.  Tomorrow’s post will return to our normal sequence, beginning with Reason #3.

During his presentation today,  Eric Holder – Attorney General of the United States – told black church leaders, in part:

“[D]espite our nation’s long tradition of extending voting rights – to non-property owners and women, to people of color and Native Americans, and to younger Americans – today, a growing number of our fellow citizens are worried about the same disparities, divisions, and problems that – nearly five decades ago – so many fought to address.   In my travels across this country, I’ve heard a consistent drumbeat of concern from citizens, who – often for the first time in their lives – now have reason to believe that we are failing to live up to one of our nation’s most noble ideals; and that some of the achievements that defined the civil rights movement now hang in the balance…”[2] 

“…The recent wave of changes to state-level voter identification laws also has presented a number of problems requiring the department’s attention,” said Holder. “In December, we objected to South Carolina’s voter ID law, after finding – based on the state’s own data – that the proposed change would place an unfair burden on non-white voters.” [3]

It is very difficult to ignore this type of rhetoric from the Attorney General of the United States.  Rush Limbaugh spent a great deal of time on his syndicated radio show today, talking about Holder’s words and their use as a distraction.  He also, quite correctly, called for Eric Holder to name the specific people and/or organizations that he (Holder) believes are responsible for trying to impede minority voting.[4]

In point of fact, Holder cannot name these people and organizations, because they don’t exist.  Holder’s comments and persistence on this issue are the rhetorical equivalents of the Reichstag Fire.  Mr. Holder – who seems tongue tied when it comes to Fast and Furious and The New Black Panthers, is never at a loss for words when pitting one group of Americans against another.   This rhetoric represents still one more shallow, transparent effort to divide Americans and to recapture the commitment of black and Hispanic voters to a desperate Obama campaign.

Let’s look, for a moment, at what’s real.  How many protests do you remember in your lifetime, waged over the requirement for Drivers Licenses and their use to keep minorities off the highways?  That’s right – NONE.  The reason?  It’s not true.  The same applies for Holder’s strawman, suggesting that photo IDs are designed to keep minorities from voting.  Not true.

Now, let’s take one state – the one in which I live – Florida.

In order to obtain, or renew a Drivers License in Florida, you must produce something called Primary documentation, along with proof of social security registration and two proofs of residence.  Primary identification can be satisfied with an original, or certified copy of one of the following:

1) Certified U.S. Birth Certificate,

2) valid U.S. Passport or U.S. Passport Card;

3) Consular Report of Birth Abroad;

4) Certificate of Naturalization; or

5) Certificate of Citizenship.

In addition to one of these, you must also have a 1) social security card; 2) W-2; 3) Paycheck; 4) SSA 1099; or 5) any other 1099.  Then, on top of all this, a Floridian in search of a Drivers License must produce two proofs of residence.  Among acceptable proofs are Deeds, Mortgages, Voter Registration Cards, Vehicle Registration, Boat Registration, etc.  There’s also special document requirements for immigrants and non-immigrants.[5]

Consider this.  The documentation required for a Florida Drivers License is apparently more than required to be inaugurated as President of the United States.  The documentation sought in an effort to prevent voter fraud- a crime that could threaten our very way of life:  A simple picture ID.

The Numbers in South Carolina

“In December, we objected to South Carolina’s voter ID law, after finding – based on the state’s own data – that the proposed change would place an unfair burden on non-white voters.”  

These were Mr. Holder’s comments on the black voter disadvantage in South Carolina.   The kindest response would be to say that he is being highly misleading.  You be the judge.

According to the Heritage Foundation’s Hans Von Spakovsky, initial South Carolina data reflected that only 240,000 of 2.7 million registered South Carolina voters did not have identification issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV)  – picture ID.  Holder’s Department of Justice produced an analysis of that data, showing that racially adjusted, 8.4% of whites and 10% of blacks had no DMV ID  – a difference of only 1.6% between the two groups.  Given their representation in the population (28% black) however, the apparent 1.6% advantage to whites actually results in more than twice as many whites as blacks, being without DMV issued ID.[6]  Nearly twice as many whites as blacks, if the law was enacted, would not be able to vote unless they first obtained a picture ID.

But, it doesn’t stop there.  This data was determined to be grossly inaccurate when it was discovered by the Associated Press, that of  the 240,000 without DMV ID, 207,000 should be eliminated because they  “live in other states, allowed their ID cards to expire, probably have licenses with names that didn’t match voter records, or were dead.” [7]  When all was said and done, only 33,000, or 1.2% of all South Carolina’s registered voters did not have DMV issued ID.[8]  Assuming a population distribution consistent with South Carolina’s overall population, 23,760 whites and only 9,240 blacks would be without DMV issued ID.  For every black needing to obtain a picture ID before voting, 2.6 whites would be in the same situation – hardly representative of a conspiracy against minorities.  Why then, does the Attorney General of the United States wish to make this a racial issue?

Mr. Holder occupies the highest law enforcement office in the land.  He is, to be slightly melodramatic, the supposed guardian of justice. Except, he’s not.  Mr. Holder’s rhetoric on voter ID is not protecting any group’s right to vote, because that right is not in jeopardy – and he knows it.  He is purposely driving a wedge between Americans in order to achieve a political and arguably a personal goal.  Is he creating a distraction to benefit Obama’s presidential bid?  Is he doing it to protect his own position?  Exactly what and how much can be gained for any person or group, by fanning the flames of  hatred.

203 Reasons Not to Vote for Barack Obama


Reason #93

Obama: Agitating to Dismantle America?

Evidence of Obama’s position is readily seen in both of his books (Dreams from my Father and The Audacity of Hope); in the venom directed at Wall Street CEOs, automakers and innocent bondholders; in his relentless approach to Healthcare Reform against the will of the majority of Americans; in the recommended reading for aspiring community organizers; even in his comments on the handling of Hurricane Katrina.

“The agitator’s job, according to Saul Alinsky, is first to bring folks to the “realization” that they are indeed miserable, that their misery is the fault of unresponsive governments or greedy corporations, then help them to bond together to demand what they deserve.” [9] And, according to Mike Kruglik, an early Obama mentor:  “He [Obama] was a natural, the undisputed master of agitation…”[10]

Jeffrey Kuhner, in a Washington Times Op-Ed, wrote: “At his core, he [Obama] is a radical leftist who seeks to dismantle capitalism and the achievements of the Reagan revolution – low taxes, deregulation and the reassertion of American exceptionalism.”[11]


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Do you Think Obama is Arrogant?

Obama “Ruthless,” “creepy,” “Manipulative”?

He called America “mean-spirited” – himself a “blank screen” – and we made him the 44th President of the United States!

Obama is a man that doesn’t like America very much – who, rationally evaluated, has made all the right moves toward political self destruction, but is unable to hit bottom – protected as he is, by the unwavering support of a smitten, liberal media.

John Podesta reportedly considered Obama as “…capable of being ruthless.”[i]  Newsweek’s Evan Thomas, once described him as “’slightly creepy’ and ‘deeply manipulative.’”[ii]   “Spengler” writes in Asia Times, “Obama’s women reveal his secret: he hates America.”[iii]  David Mendell describes Obama’s “hidden side: His imperious, mercurial, self-righteous and sometimes prickly nature…” and calls him “…a man of raw ambition so powerful that even he is still coming to terms with its full force.”[iv]  David Freddoso calls him “…a shrewd, machine-aligned politician from Chicago – the kind who won’t make no waves and won’t back no losers…” a man who “…plays hardball and knows when to look the other way.”[v]  Blackwell and Klukowski warn that “In President Obama’s America, dissent will not be tolerated.”[vi]

* * *

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