Reason #45 – Obama’s Food Police

Only 129 Days Remaining!

Reason #45

Obama’s Food Police

On January 30, 2012, a North Carolina pre-schooler had her lunch replaced by an inspector from the Department of Health and Human Services’ “More at Four” program.  “More at Four,” a stimulus funded program operating at the state level, ensures that home packed lunches brought into the schools by children, conform to USDA guidelines.  Inspectors are periodically sent into the schools to check these homemade lunches.[i]

In this case, the inspector’s position was that a four year old child’s home packed turkey and cheese sandwich on whole wheat white bread, with a banana, potato chips and apple juice did not conform.  Instead, the child was given a school tray, from which she ate only three chicken nuggets…CHICKEN NUGGETS!  What a healthy alternative! [ii]

For those who do not think Obama’s Healthcare Reform program is about federal controls, here is a great example of this Administration’s belief that government trumps parents – even in areas as personal as food choices for our children.  It is fine, in Obama’s world, for a government inspector to tell, or imply to a child that there is something wrong with the lunch provided by his or her parents.  It is apparently also o.k., for the inspector to make a change in that lunch and for the providing school to charge the parent, as they did in this case.

While stimulus funds were marked for the hiring of police officers, it is fair to say that no rational American believed the Administration meant “Food Police.”

Is this the type of change we should believe in?

(Excerpt from 203 Reasons Not to Vote for Barack Obama)

[i] Sarah Burrows, (Feb. 14, 2012), Carolina Journal Online, Preschooler’s Homemade Lunch Replaced with Cafeteria “Nuggets”, retrieved February 19, 2012 from and PJ Tatler story posted by Bryan Preston, (Feb. 15, 2012), providing partial transcripts from Fox News’ Megyn Kelly’s interview with Reporter Sarah Burrows, Federal Stimulus Dollars Pay for the School Lunch Food Police, retrieved February 19, 2012, from

[ii] Ibid

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